Luca meets pescareinsiam’s crew again in November. Impressed by the size and number of fishes stocked in Amazon BKK he decides to fish in this fishery for two whole days, mainly with fly fishing.

AmazonBKK in Nakhon Pathom Province is about one hour and thirty minutes drive from Bangkok city but it looks like a lost world, so green with rice fields, palm trees, birds and buffalo all around. This massive “figure eight” shaped artificial lake is around 200 meters long and fills 16000 square meters. Amazon BKK is well stocked with both predatory species from Asia and Amazon basins, like Chao Phraya Catfish, the elusive Wallago, Red Tail Catfish, Tiger Catfish and Alligator Gar but the real star here is Arapaima. There are plenty of Arapaima and the biggest introduced measured over two and a half meters and weighted more than 150 kg some years ago… Arapaima over 100 kg are quite common in this body of water.

Luca fished the water heavily, in this time of the year the temperature in Thailand is not crazy like August and so the fishing action had gone “quite smooth”. At the end of this two days fishing race, Luca has got a good score considering that in Amazon BKK can be very tough and the right approach is fundamental to hook fishes: nine Redtail and one Tiger Catfish on fly, two Arapaima lost on fly, two Arapaima lost Spinning and one Arapaima Spinning.

pescareinsiam’s staff thanks very much Luca for his contribution, see you next time!


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