Luca decided to fish the last day at Barramundi Pond. Barramundi is well appreciated in Kitchen so it is widely breeded in Thailand. Growing interest in fishing due to the exceptional fighting skills has settled conditions to stabilize ponds where Barramundi is kept for recreational purpose, raising the average size up to 15-20 kg. These … Continua a leggere


Luca meets pescareinsiam’s crew again in November. Impressed by the size and number of fishes stocked in Amazon BKK he decides to fish in this fishery for two whole days, mainly with fly fishing. AmazonBKK in Nakhon Pathom Province is about one hour and thirty minutes drive from Bangkok city but it looks like a … Continua a leggere


Thai Mahseer

Sono felice di annunciarvi che grazie all’instancabile lavoro delle nostre abili guide, sono disponibili per pescareinsiam nuovi spot per la pesca del Thai Mahseer. Il Thai Mahseer, Pla Wien in lingua thai, è un bellissimo pesce appartenente alla famiglia dei ciprinidi; popola le acque del bacino dei fiumi Chao Phraya e Mekong, la penisola Malese, … Continua a leggere