IT Lake Monsters

IT Lake Monsters is about 80 km from Bangkok, in the Ratchaburi countryside; it is very close to one of the most popular attractions in Thailand: “The Bridge on the River Kwai”. IT Lake Monsters is open every day from 6 AM until 8 PM, about 18000 m2, this place is famous for lures and deadbait fishing but a new fishing ground for carpfishing and catfishing is opening soon. IT Lake Monsters is home to a vast diversity of predatory fish species such as: Arapaima, Red Tail Catfish, Red Tail Tiger Catfish, Tiger Catfish, Chao Praya Giant Catfish, Giant Snakehead, Alligator Gar, Asian Red Tail Catfish, Wallago, Peacock Bass, Barramundi. Although IT Lake Monsters is well known for its predatory fish species, here it’s possible to find Mekong Giant Catfish (100 kg+) as well as Siamese Giant Carp. Only guided fishing trips are allowed.







AmazonBKK in Nakhon Pathom Province is about one hour and thirty minutes drive from Bangkok city but it looks like a lost world, so green with rice fields, palm trees, birds and buffalo all around. This massive “figure eight” shaped artificial lake is around 200 meters long and fills 16000 square meters. Amazon BKK is well stocked with both predatory species from Asia and Amazon basins, like Chao Phraya Catfish, the elusive Wallago, Red Tail Catfish, Tiger Catfish and Alligator Gar but the real star here is Arapaima. There are plenty of Arapaima and the biggest introduced measured over two and a half meters and weighted more than 150 kg some years ago… Arapaima over 100 kg are quite common in this body of water. Moreover, new rare species are introduced years by years. There is a strong catch and release policy to return fish safe into the water as soon as possible, only barbless artificial lures and fly are allowed at AmazonBKK. Fishes are feeded daily with small live Tilapia and it is quite common to see under your feet gigantic Arapaima lurking for small prey.




Arapaima Lake – AVAILABLE NOW!!!

Palm Tree Lagoon

The Lake is situated in Ratchaburi Thailand half way, between Bangkok and Hua Hin (about 1.30h – 2h), it has been converted into a fishery 25 years ago and it averages 13000 m2 and around 3-5 meters in depth. Although Palm Tree Lagoon is a small lake, it holds lots of species, including Arapaima to 150 kg+, Chao Phraya Catfish to 90 kg+, Mekong Catfish to 100 kg+, Stingray to 100 kg+, Red Tail Catfish to 50 kg+, Asian Red Tail Catfish to 30 kg+, Pacu to 20 kg+ and many carp species including Siamese Carp to 60 kg+. The lake is stocked with more than 50 species of fish originating from Thailand, India, China and South America. Palm Tree Lagoon has got rigid rules to preserve the fish population and only guided fishing trips are allowed. At the local restaurant you can enjoy a mixed menu of traditional Thai cuisine and western food.


Bungsamran Lake – CLOSED

Bungsamran Lake is probably the most famous freshwater fishing venues in Thailand, perhaps in the world. What was a swamp in 1983 has been converted into a 98000 m2 lake with a depth ranging from 4 to 10 meters. Bungsamran Lake offers the most prolific freshwater fishing in Thailand, it is stocked with a density of over 50 different species of fishes like, Giant Mekong Catfish, Chao Phraya Catfish, Giant Freshwater Stingray, Giant Siamese Carp, Julliens Golden Prize Carp, Giant Snakehead, Arapaima Gigas. Anglers who want to catch them usually stay here at least 3 days in order to prepare the spot and deal with fishes between 50 and 80 kilograms. The amazing setting of Bungsamram, peaceful and relaxing, is situated in the suburb outskirt of Bagkok, only 40 minutes from the fast moving city centre. Here it is possible to enjoy delicious and cheap traditional Thai food.


New Bungsamran Lake – REPORT COMING SOON!!!

Bungsamran Lake is back in a new huge fishing environment. All fishes from the old fishery were netted and moved to a new location (and more, resident fishes or brand new introduced) that cover 128000 m2 with a depth ranging from 30 to 40 meters. Bungsamran Lake offers the most prolific freshwater fishing in Thailand, it is stocked with a density of over 40 different species of fishes like, Giant Mekong Catfish (100-200 kg), Chao Phraya Catfish, Giant Freshwater Stingray, Giant Siamese Carp, Julliens Golden Prize Carp, Giant Snakehead, Arapaima Gigas. Here it is possible to enjoy delicious and cheap traditional Thai food.

Now Nam Lake

It is situated on the outskirt of Bangkok, about 50 km outside city centre. Now Nam Lake is a mature fishery with a wide variety of Asian Carp and Catfish species. Now Nam Lake is a long body of water, 35000 m2, with varying depths ranging between 3 and 5 meters. Knowledge of the rare bottom shelters is essential to fishing this lake. It is a highly prolific venue well stocked with Bighead Carp with an average weight around 15 kg. In Now Nam Lake also resides a variety of Asian Carp species like Giant Siamese Carp up to 50 kg, in addition to Rohu and Julian’s Golden Prize Carp. Apart from the various carp species that reside in Now Nam, the lake is also home of a variety of catfish species such as Giant Mekong Catfish, Striped and Chao Phraya Catfish. Now Nam Lake is not as famous as Bungsamram Lake, but it is definitely a place to go in order to discover its amazing fish population. Here you can find restaurants serving excellent Thai food.

Cha-Am Fishing Park

Cha-Am Fishing Park is one of Thailand’s better known fishing venues and it has appeared on a number of UK TV programs; it is very close to Hau Hin and Cha-Am Beach Resorts. The Lake is about 17000 m2 and it is a good destination for those who wish to experience to catch for the first time fishes like the Giant Mekong Catfish (80 kg+), Giant Siamese Carp (50 kg+), and Arapaima. Apart from these giant fishes, the Lake is also filled with many wild fishes such as Rohu and Mrigral. The overall setting of Cha-Am Fishing Park is pleasant with plenty of trees in the surrounding grounds and it provides the opportunity to rest in bungalows and enjoying Thai food at the restaurants nearby.






Pilot 111 Fishing Ponds

Pilot 111 Fishing Ponds is located about 45 minutes drive from Bangkok, it is Thailand’s first lure fishing complex which offers a different range of predatory fish species throughout 10 stocked ponds. There are ponds for Giant Snakehead, Striped Snakehead (two ponds are completely dedicated to these predators), Barramundi, Asian Red Tail Catfish, Pacu and Featherback. Anglers, after having received the most appropriate fishing equipment, will be able to go amongst all 10 ponds targeting any of the species during the whole day. Pilot 111 is an inexpensive and close to Bangkok location particularly indicated for those who like lure fishing and fly-fishing.




Barramundi Pond

Barramundi ponds are a complex of man-made fishing farms situated few kilometers outside Bangkok, a short hour drive from the city centre. This is the perfect venue for a total immersion of lure and fly-fishing. Anglers at the ponds can face lots of Barramundi (normally 15-40+ in 6-7 hours) ranging between 2-10 kg and can experience acrobatic action of the hard fighting Barramundi, which is an aggressive predator and once hooked it is a formidable opponent. Although the Barramundi is not a fish which is indigenous to Thailand, it was brought into the Country and farmed as an important food source.




Exotic Fishing Thailand (EFT)

Exotic Fishing Thailand (EFT) provides the ultimate setting to catch and release many exotic fish species while waiting for your monster fish of a lifetime. The beautiful scenic views from our luxury fishing swims are so stunning they have to be seen to be believed. EFT have 60+ interesting species, many of which are not readily available at other resorts. These include; Jau Catfish, Vundu Catfish, Piraiba Catfish, Goonch, Chinese Black Carp, Yellow Cheek Carp. The big fish include; Arapaima over 350 lbs, Wallagoo Lieri over 110 lbs, Alligator Gar over 110 lbs, Giant Stingray to 200 lbs, and Mekong Catfish over 220 lbs. Some of our Chao Phraya Catfish are over 80 lbs and some Siamese Carp are already over 60 lbs.



Trat Dams

Trat is Thailand’s eastern-most province borders Cambodia and located about 3-4 hours drive from Bangkok. This mysterious and unspoiled region offers delightful scenery and marvelous lakes where to fish Giant Snakehead and Jungle Perch with artificial lures.

Kanchanaburi Dams 

Kanchanaburi is a town in the west of Thailand and the capital of Kanchanaburi province borders Birmania, located where the Khwae Noi and Khwae Yai rivers converge into the Mae Klong river. In 1942 the Japanese -while Kanchanaburi was under their control- built the famous “Bridge on the River Kwai”. The bridge was immortalized by Pierre Boulle in his book and by David Lean in the movie based on it. Kanchanabury is one of the country’s wildest beautiful provinces with stunning mountain scenery, breathtaking plant life, spectacular waterfalls. Kanchanaburi is about 4 hours drive from Bangkok (it is also possible to reach the fishing venue by with local boat if necessary) with vast lakes basins that offer great opportunities. Kanchanaburi is the perfect place to find Thai native fish species and it offers numerous spots where to practice carpfishing for wild carp and bottom fishing for huge catfishes and barbs, most species of fish like Snakeheads and Jungle Perch can be caught by lure fishing. After a hard day fishing you may experience traditional Thai food and spend the night on the floating bamboo raft bungalows built by locals.








Chao Phraya River

The Chao Phraya is the main river in Thailand, it begins at the confluence of the Ping and Nan rivers at Nakhon Sawan in Nakhon Sawan province. Chao Phraya flows for 372 kilometers from the central plains to Bangkok and then it flows in the Gulf of Thailand. In Chainat, one of the central provinces of Thailand, the river splits into the main course and the Tha Chin river, which then flows parallel to the main river and falls about 35 kilometers west of Bangkok. From the main river many small canals split off, these are used for the irrigation of the region’s rice paddies.

In Bangkok, the Chao Phraya is a major transportation artery for a vast network of river buses, cross-river ferries and water taxis, known as longtails. More than 15 boat lines operate on the rivers and canals of the city as public transport service.

The heavily urbanized lower reaches of the Chao Phraya River are lined with factories and industrial plants which are interspersed with rustic shanty-like housing local fishermen and other local inhabitants. The Chao Phraya River has previously produced gigantic Giant Siamese Carp, Catfish and Giant Freshwater Stingrays. The Chao Phraya River represents the challenge to adventurous anglers wishing to explore the River in search of true freshwater monsters.


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