Terms and Conditions-ENG

Terms and Conditions

Edition 10/02/2013

Pescareinsiam is a sport fishing company which activities are related to fishing and tourism.

Pescareinsiam is regularly registered in Thailand under Nare Thongpan, the registered office is in Udon Thani.


The communication between pescareinsiam and the client (between “you” and “us”) has to be online at the following address: pescareinsiam@gmail.com

Only in exceptional circumstances the communication will take place by phone.

Once you’ll email us, you allow us to write you back at your email address and to use it for further communications.

2.Online Reservation

Before making a reservation, you must be sure you have read and understood the “Terms and Conditions” document. A contract is drawn up between you and us as soon as we send you a written notification by email. Before going through this process, make sure you have asked all the questions/you have got all the information. Once you have booked, a PayPal deposit has to follow/will follow.

All reservation are subjected to availability.

3.Deposit, payment and prices.

The deposit must be paid within 10 days/not later than 10 days before your departure. If a reservation refers to a group of people, only a member of that group has to pay –through paypal- the full amount of the deposit. (“LEAD NAME”)

In case of failure within the terms of the above mentioned deadlines, the reservation will be cancelled. The rest of payment/the final payment will be in cash as soon as/once you meet the fish guide and before doing any fishing activity.

pescareinsiam has the right to change (increasing or reducing) the price at any time, depending on/according to the different operating conditions. These changing are not applicable on those who have already paid the deposit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: PayPal charges a fee on payment you’ll make on line: you’ll pay a variable commission equal to 3.9% of the deposit, pescareinsiam will pay a fixed commission rate equal to 11 THB (Bath is the local currency).

4.Physical health conditions

Because of the weather conditions and the adventurous trip, before booking you must communicate us – via email – if you have any physical health problems.

5.How the client cancel a/the reservation

Confirmed reservation can be cancelled via email (by the lead name). pescareinsiam has set up rules of cancellation which are as below:

–          Cancellation 10 days prior to departure: 50% deposit fee payback

–          Cancellation 0-10 days prior to departure: no deposit fee payback.

6. How pescareinsiam cancel a/the reservation

Pescareinsiam has the right to cancel a reservation and proceed with the payback of the full deposit in these cases:

Act of God, which refers to events outside pescareinsiam control such as natural disasters, earthquakes, adverse weather conditions, wars, riots, terroristic attacks for which pescareinsiam can not be held responsible.

7. Damage billing

The client is responsible and charged for damage caused to people and equipment.

8. Data protection

pescareinsiam will deal with your pictures and video for marketing purposes. Please contact us via email if you do not want us to post your photos and/or videos on our web site.

Pictures and videos of minors/underage are released only with parental consent.

It is forbidden to use pictures and videos released on our web for any commercial purpose. All rights are reserved.

The Terms and conditions document is updated/due to changes in Terms and Conditions document, you must ensure that you check the information you require from time to time.


Edition 10/02/2013

Edition 25/11/2012


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